Which Microsoft Operating System Do You Need?

It is very easy to choose the operating system that everyone else is running. It is true that today’s most commonly installed operating system is Microsoft Windows. It is also true that it does what most people require.

The problem is your needs may be very different from the average person.

For this very reason you need to ask yourself a few questions before deciding on an operating system for your PC. It can be a difficult task to change down the line.

Microsoft has a done a sterling job on its operating system. They’ve made everyday computer tasks very easy to accomplish. It is a user friendly operating system for sure.

The only problem with Microsoft’s current operating systems is that they are not coded very well. Their operating systems are resource hungry. You need to make sure you have enough system memory to run multiple programs. Windows is great looking but also requires a capable video card to run smoothly.

If you are looking for speed then you may want to consider older operating systems from Microsoft. Windows XP is still very widely used and is arguably the fastest of their operating systems. Most of today’s software is also compatible with XP as it has a large install base.

The reason XP is faster is because it’s not fancy. The graphics in windows XP are simple. Vista and Windows 7 have a lot of graphical transitions that really bog down a PC.

Is the operating system suitable to your Hardware. Your shiny new components may not work in Windows XP. Do some research on the hardware your computer has and whether drivers are available for XP. All modern components will work in Windows 7 and Vista. Vista and Windows 7 look great. Just remember that if you’re going down this route you will need a good 3D capable card which drives the cost of your PC right up. If you’re not going to be playing 3D ready games or doing intensive video or graphic designing then you don’t need a 3D card. So windows XP would be a good choice.

Which brings us on to gaming. If you’re going to be running the latest games you will be dependent on the latest versions of Direct X. Support is far better in Vista and Windows 7 than XP. Lately, games have been released that will refuse to run on XP.

Windows 7 and Vista both have built in software to protect you against malware and spyware. You will need to find your own anti-virus solution though. Windows XP offers no protection except a basic firewall. So you will have to fork out some of your hard earned cash for the extra programs.

Before going ahead with your PC please make sure you have looked at the following points to prepare you.

Backup all of your documents that you cant afford to lose. It may be a good idea to invest in an external USB hard drive that you can copy all your documents that just cant be replaced. You can also use an online backup service to backup your documents. This is not the best option if you don’t have a high speed internet service. Another option is backing up to DVD.

Read all the instructions for installation. Windows Vista is very easy to install but it is a good idea to be prepared before making a mistake that cant be reverted. There isn’t much to know, but be prepared.

Go through all your components in your PC and check with the manufacturers website to make sure it is compatible with the operating system you intend to install, then download all these drivers to disk. A common mistake made by many is not downloading the network drivers. Its difficult to get online to download when your network card is not working.

Seek guidance from a friend. If you have a friend that has installed the same operating system ask him about any pitfalls.

Something which is often overlooked when a problem occurs is the operating systems support line. If you run into any problems give them a call. Microsoft’s staff are often very helpful and knowledgeable.