Understanding Your Computer Operating System

Over the years, computer operating systems have emerged as the most integral know component of every computer system in the world. Without the operating system, you almost won’t be able to use a computer. You don’t need to know any complicated commands settings or codes to be able to use a computer with the aid of a computer operating system.

Right in the first few years of computers, operating systems were not in existence. But after the invention of powerful computers, they were developed. What is known as ‘punch cards’ was being used to enter information’s onto a computer before operating systems came to existence. To get the desired information’s needed on computers, punch card machines where used. But they were not all that efficient.

Computer programmers were able to successfully design the first computer operating systems. They considered the fact that life will be easier if common people like me and you should be able to use a computer without knowing much or even noting about complex computer languages.

With the success of early computer programmers, there are so many computer operating systems these days available in the world of computers today. A lot are also still being developed even as you are reading this now. Virtually most of resent operating systems are designed with the common user in mind. An average computer user can now load most computer programs with a simple use of a mouse and just a few clicks.

Every system has a specific function to perform behind the scenes. The user will not even be able to see or even need to know that they are there. What these operating systems do behind your computer is commonly known as multiple tasking. It makes using a PC much more easily without managing computer resources manually.

Among the main basic functions every computer operating system does perform include:

* Managing your Random Access Memory (RAM)
* Managing your Hard Disc
* Scheduling of various tasks on your computer
* Providing a reasonable level of security to your computer, to prevent any external party to gain access to your PC
* To navigate various programs on your PC whenever you want to open them
* And many more

Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS are the world’s most famous operating systems today. Other similar computer operating systems do exist also. But they got their technologies from the famous two computer leading giants.

Two other operating systems that are rapidly gaining popularity in the world today are Linux and GNU. But they are mainly focused on the network and system marketing industry.